Greg Chappel’s Team India

The Indian team raves and rants about it's batting depth but it appears they have failed miserably in the recent windies tour. How can we talk about taking on Australia and being World cup ready when we failed to produce any resistance against a lackluster windies attack. We are definitely not world cup ready at least not as yet. It was another lesson for Greg chappel to refrain from making derogatory comments and waking up a sleeping lion.


2 Responses to “Greg Chappel’s Team India”

  1. kvaithees Says:

    Cricket is a game of chance. Kenya defeated Srilanka in the last WC. Consistent practice , killer instinct of the players, even composition of the bowler– batsman lineup, “the team ” as an unit under able captaincy,alert fielding, the pitch, the grround condition, the toss, whether conditions, the crowd, lights and various factors do make lots and lots of difference. INDIA TEAM should reckon with all the factors and appropriately counter the opponent even if it be a Monolith and so called infallible Ausies to bring home the WORLD CUP wresting it from the Ausies

  2. Malgudi Iyer Says:

    Whilst cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, comments by the Rev Greg Chappell such as “the West Indies have forgotten how to win” (after India won the first ODI) are perhaps best left unsaid. Lara and Co effectively countered this by winning the next 4 games. I hope we lost the test match series as well, about time the team was brought back to earth for a jolt of reality.

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