Open Source with Linux and Mysql.

Open source and Linux have been around for a while. It started off by being part of non-critical systems in the back office and once it gained the foothold there was no looking back. A number of Wall Street companies are starting to dabble having critical risk management systems and online trading systems on Linux. No Enterprise software company can now afford not to have linux as part of their first tier platforms. However going open source with linux is not without its share of pains. It is pretty much monopolised by Redhat with Suse playing a poor second fiddle. None of the big enterprise software companies have taken the bull by the horns and taken up the operating system to support it. Take the case of IBM or HP. Their flagship operating systems are not going to propel these companies forward so they had an option of embracing linux. Neither of them have done so. Instead they chose to partner with Redhat and Suse and let these companies deal with the complexities of having a business model on a free operating system and relying on customers to pay for support. Mysql will be facing the same set of challenges but at least there is a precedence in the form of Redhat from whose mistakes they could learn. The Open Source business model looks viable but still has quite a few kinks which will need to be ironed out. One of the main things that would augur well for the Open Source efforts would be for a big enterprise player be it IBM, HP, Oracle or Sun to embrace it and take charge of it rather than being a catalyst from the outside.


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