Random ramblings of a vegetarian

Americans Adopting Vegetarianism 

Being a vegetarian in california is not very hard. It is one of the many cultures california has embraced. I call it a culture because most of the people who are vegetarian do it more for the culture than for any religious reasons. For people like me who are born a vegetarian continuing to be one is not all that hard but to think that some of my american friends have given up eating meat because they felt good about adopting that cultural change is truly amazing. I for one would find it very difficult if I had to give up eating curd rice or have my shot of rasam. It's after all part of my staple. So to think that someone gives up what is considered deep-rooted in their culture is quite praiseworthy.

 Subway, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

The above mentioned fast-food chains are probably the most favored amongst the vegetarians. On the positive they provide some option for vegetarians unlike Mcdonalds where the trainees are taught to treat vegetarians as non-homo-sapiens. However I still feel these restaurants don't provide all the necessary training on the sensitivities of vegetarians. Subway's handling is particulary surprising given that most of these are run by hardcore vegetarian gujjus. I have had instances where the same gloves were used in making a meatball sandwich and the veggie sandwich I had ordered. Pizza hut uses the same pizza cutter to slice and dice a pepporni pizza and a veggie pizza. These may appear very trivial to a good section of the populace but that is exactly what going that extra mile to provide good customer service is all about. Jews are particular about their kosher meat, muslims about Halal. Restaurants go the extra mile to highlight these facts and I do really wish vegetarians get the same customer service.

Yoghurt and Cheese

Trader Joes is sensitive about cheese with Rennet. They have a good number of choices for vegetarians who enjoy cheese. Most of the other grocery stores still don't provide these choices. Same is true for yoghurt which contains gelatin. It's hard for someone to understand the chemical composition of each and every product and how they are prepared. I think the definiton of a vegetarian and a vegan in general is fairly clear so would it be very hard for food products to have a label indicating if it is certified vegetarian or vegan?


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