Indian Websites rankings.

Indian websites have a long way to go. Most of the sites don't know what aesthetic design is. Check out any of the sites I will mention in this post and you will realize what I mean. one of the premier destinations for any indian looking for good content is one of the better designed sites if you choose to ignore the annoying advertisements covering up your entire browser. Being from Chennai, i normally like to get the scoop from the sultry oasis and make a trip to and what do I get? A barrage of adds flying all over. God save me if I don't have a pop-up blocker. Where is the content? I decide I have had enough and go to some of the newspapers to get my shot of politics and cricket. I go to which is a good idea since it picks up feeds from most of the popular newspapers. I look at some of the headlines from some of the respected news papers such as Hindustan times,, Times of India and Indian Express. Check them out below. The content is amazingly cheap. I wonder why journalism has stooped to such crass levels? I decided not to rank the Indian Newspapers since they have fallen in my eyes. Even the respected throws a pop-up of the world cup right on your face. Pretty annoying stuff. They have 5 columns of which 2 columns are dedicated to ads. It looks like the sites are out to monetize and provide content incidentally and not the other way round..

My rankings of some of the indian sites on a scale of 1 to 10  : 4    : 4  : 4 : 1 : 5


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