Sankara Eye Foundation.

I was reading an article by Shoba Warrier on about Udavum Karangal that led me to think that I need to write a bit about Philantropy. After all there are a lot of people writing about technology, politics and sport. This time I will profile my experiences with the Sankara Eye Foundation. I have been following the growth of this Non profit for quite a while and this organization is a huge success story thanks to the dedication of all the volunteers. The motto of this organization is embedded in three powerful words "gift of vision". They have a very powerful video which can convert even the staunchest non-beleivers. I had a chance to visit the hospital constructed in the outskirts of coimbatore. Truly a remarkable acheivement. One thing that struck me was the humility of the man behind this entire effort, Dr.Ramani. He gave us an audience in spite of his busy schedule and who were we just some small fry donors. He took us around the hospital and we had a chance to talk to some of the doctors. Most of the doctors dedicate one day of the week to serve this institution free of cost. What struck me was these doctors were donating time in this institution which was way more valuable than money. Another interesting model in this institution is to provide excellent treatment to people who can afford it for a fee so that the money gained could be fed back into the trust a means of acheiving self sufficiency. A great model for a great institution with a great set of volunteers.


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