mumbai world’s rudest city

Mumbai has gotten the infamous award for being the world's rudest city. New york ranked in the politest. I think this is extremely strage since having visited both these cities I found this ranking totally bogus. In the first place I find such rankings totally bogus. How does one have a barometer on such things. It appears that such rankings are mainly to create headlines and invoke the curiosity of readers without really serving much purpose. Amazing that a respected magazine like Reader's Digest is stooping to such gimmicks.


One Response to “mumbai world’s rudest city”

  1. Appan Srinivasan Says:

    Mr Appan from Bahrain writes:.

    In particular, I would like to comment on the naming of Mumbai as the rudest city! Of all the Indian cities, I thought Mumbai was most cosmopolitan city at least in India – perhaps there are more mafia gangs in Bombay than in any other city in India. However, I could imagine the difference:

    Let us imagine in a sub-way, a man is mugged and robbed. The mugger might do and say the following things:

    Brandishing a knife (and if he could not afford a knife, perhaps a revolver, as obviously a gun costs less than a knife in those politest parts of the world – presumably he could get a gun from a school kid), taking off his hat and bowing gently, might say:

    “Good evening, gentleman. I am indeed sorry, I have to mug and rob you. I have tried many other jobs but nothing is half as paying as this one. Of course, nothing personal, I am just doing a job for a livelihood. I have one wife and three girl friends to support. I am sure you will understand and appreciate my position. Please let me have your wallet, ring and the watch. I am not keen to rob you of your mobile, but on the other hand I won’t like you to call the cops immediately, so please let me have your mobile phone too. Sorry, I am also going to hit you because there is no thrill in robbing without hitting the victim. Afterall can you blame me for trying to make my job more interesting? ”

    after mugging and robbing the victim, the mugger says:

    “now that we know each other wel, you can call me by my first name – call me “Bob” . OK mate, have a nice day! Thank You!”

    Unable to suppress his surprise at his politeness, the victim asks him where he had his education and andlearnt hismanner and he just rplies with a grin “at the Harvard”!

    On the other hand, the mugger in Mumbai might be abrupt, rude and say in half Hindi and half Marathi -“Hey man, either your purse or both your life and purse” and add a few choicest abusive words.

    Now, you know why Mumbai is ranked ruder than New York!

    Rankings might be bogus, but people like sensation – no wonder, Junior Vikatans and Nakkheerans are more popular than The Hindu! Opinions of Khushboos and Snehas on globalisation of ecnomy might be more fascinating than those of the likes of Gurmurthy! From Appan of Bahrain.

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