Chitiram Pesuthadi

This movie was declared a flop the first time it was released. Tamil movie producer Oscar Ravichandran saw the movie and was stunned that such a brilliantly made movie was declared a flop decided to re-release the movie. So I had high expectations before seeing this movie. I was definitely not let down in fact this movie exceeded my high expectations. The plot of the story was nothing radically new but the way this movie was taken was breathtakingly fresh. The performance director Myskin extracted out of Naren the hero and Bhavna the heroine was excellent. This movie should be a lesson to all the Tamil film-makers that a movie does not need to have a huge budget or have a superstar to make it a success. A fresh creative storyline enacted by a talented set of actors is what is needed and Chitram Pesuthadi more than delivered on this front. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5. Check it out if you already have’nt.


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