In case you thought I was misspelling the name of one of Srilanka’s most prolific bastman, you are wrong. I am referring to the marriage of ghajini surya and oil in a bucket jyothika. The marriage is on 9/11. I though the date chosen was a little strange and remarked that to my wife. Wife said not many in India would even take note of it. I however had a difference of opinion and felt 9/11 would be recognized world over. Do you think people will even notice that one of the most eagerly awaited wedding is happening on 9/11 or people are more interested in knowing whether jo actually bought her saree in RMKV. Readers let me know what you think?


5 Responses to “josurya”

  1. Anil Says:

    The US is not exactly the center of the world, despite whatever the media may have you believe. On the same lines, not many people would have noticed that the Mumbai blast case sentencing is going on either.

    Let us welcome ourselves to the tabloid world. What truly sells is a good juicy story.


  2. Malgudi Iyer Says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but who are these folks getting married?

  3. girishvaithees Says:

    Anil, I Agree, my source of news has been restricted to CNN. I find the indian online newspapers are more interested in attracting “Ads by Google” hits. Even the so called conservative Hindu has ads on “How to get sexy singles” than providing actual news 🙂

  4. girishvaithees Says:

    Mr Malgudi.
    I did not realize that does tabloid filtering. The coverage of the wedding of upcoming star surya and bombshell jyothika put the wedding coverage of Di and Charles to shame.

  5. Malgudi Iyer Says:

    Hmmm … my news source is primarily the NYT and there was nary a mention of these superstars 🙂 In any event, my earlier comment was in part jest. I received a stack of emails with the “wedding photos” and hadn’t the foggiest idea until I googled them. I suppose I need to get with the program and stay current.

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