Kids it’s freedom at last.

It’s about time and I am very glad this is final


One Response to “Kids it’s freedom at last.”

  1. Anil Says:

    Nice and needs to happen.

    Unfortunately, this is happening without adequate support. Another of the governments hare brained schemes…

    Take this story from Andhra Pradesh 2002

    A factory was outsourcing work to sub contractors, which were employing children. A labor inspector – whose only intent was to get a large bribe – posted a notice. The owners instead of facing the harassment simply asked the kids to leave. The kids actually fought with the labor inspector and the owners and got their jobs back. The owners had to pay the bribe.

    Here is the argument they had;

    We are not working because we like to
    Even we like to be in school studying / playing
    We are working because our parents cannot afford to take care of us, even feed us
    By working here we are helping our parents and educating ourselves
    What you are doing is killing us or asking us to look for other unsafe work like picking garbage.
    At least here we are safe and some of us go to school to study because we earn
    We plea with you to not take our future from us.

    This is a conversation I had with an auto driver I cannot forget. He was one of the happiest guys I have met in my life. Such a joyous fellow, you cannot help but smile at life after meeting him.

    Surprised at being told that he will take a short-cut
    Me: Is this your own vehicle?
    AD: Yes
    Me: How long have you had it?
    AD: Two Years
    Me: Did you get a loan to buy it?
    AD: I ran away from home when I was 8, been working in a hotel till I was 20. Saved up enough money to start my own hotel (3 Lakhs for a Darshini), could not run it as I was undisciplined and lost money. I bought the Auto with the advance money I got back from the hotel. I own it. I am saving up, next year I will buy another auto and then get married. Everyday, I work from 7 AM till I have made Rs. 500.00, after that it is my time. My costs are Rs.100.00 a day. I save Rs.400 everyday. When I start making about Rs. 40,000.00 a month I will get married.
    Me: Your parents must be happy you are doing well
    AD: I have not met my parents since I ran away. Somehow, I keep in touch with my hometown and get news. My sister is a doctor!! (With pride)

    He got an extra large tip towards his savings from me.

    I know these may be two great stories from so many sad ones. I do not like kids working either. But in a country like India, this is a difficult problem to tackle. While the govt. passed the law to make child labor an offence, they are clueless about how to rehabilitate and accommodate children that are presently working / living on the streets.
    The response is “We will house them in child care centers” There is an estimated 20-50 million homeless kids / child laborers, the facility to rehabilitate them does not even manage to handle a million.

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