Dentist Visits

I decided to bite the bullet and go to the dentist. This is absolutely something I do not reslish. I suspect no one really enjoys a trip to toothland given the awesome music, the painful cleaning and the standard dental class about flossing and whatever goes after that. In any case, this post is not about the mundane visit since everyone has the exact same experience since all dentists were created the same.

One thing that struck me while i was in the semi reclined posture was a poster starting at me. It said ” WARNING!”

Gum disease may cause carido vascular disease

Gum disease may cause birth defects among kids

Gum disease may cause ulcers etc

There were a host of others which I could not memorize since the drilling has started by then. In any case what was surprising was the “may cause” part. Does that mean gum disase “may not” also cause cardio vascular disease. Why bother mentioning the it if the studies connecting the diseases were inconclusive. In any case the poster accomplished its mission of scaring me.


2 Responses to “Dentist Visits”

  1. shira Says:

    The dentist is never fun, but I find the better you care for your teeth in between visits the less painful it is. My sister flosses, and uses ACT, and scope every night, in addition to brushing 3 times a day, and she has no idea why people hate the dentist!

  2. girishvaithees Says:

    I cannot disagree on that one. I guess one has to make that a habit and then it’s hard to break.

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