Sivaji and Iphone

June is going to be a busy month and the only thing that can beat out the iphone in hype is sivaji. It is only fitting that our superstar deserves his own mashup. So without further ado, I present  Superstar’s Sivaji

Makkale, neenga ellarum itha oru tharava partha nooru tharava partha mathiri, so don’t be surprised if this single post makes my blog rating soar in wordpress 🙂


2 Responses to “Sivaji and Iphone”

  1. Bharath Says:

    Who are we talking about here 🙂

  2. girishvaithees Says:

    Some entities are always associated with only one thing. For e.g. Any fizz drink is called coke (even pepsi much to their chagrin), All photocopiers are called Xerox and the same applies to our Superstar. So move over Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy and Amitabh Bacchan.
    Note: I did not mention our thalaivar’s name out of sheer respect.

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