Google in 2084

There is a lot of hooplah about privacy and what google does with all the data it collects. A picture is worth a thousand words. On an aside my mind started wandering a bit and wondered what would be the results for

a. Bush when “Your Brain” was checked

b. Clinton when “Phone Records” was checked

No prizes for guessing either of them.


2 Responses to “Google in 2084”

  1. utbtkids Says:

    Google gives me the creeps!
    I am very very very paranoid about google’s ventures, especially their street view.
    Every time I fill out an online order, Google tool bar asks if I want my information to be filled by google auto fill, now why woul I want to do that?!! Who cares if the information if stored locally or on the web, no thank you.

  2. girishvaithees Says:

    I suspect a key feature in the next release is to capture your ATM pins 🙂

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