Guruvayoor Temple

I had written an article going ballistic against the guruvayoor temple’s policies to prevent non-hindus from entering the temple. It is only fair that I present the temple’s case. A 1936 law prohibits any non-hindu from entering the temple and in case your religious orientation is in doubt all you have to do is to get a piece of paper certifying your religious credentials from an Arya Samaj. While all of this seems a little out of tune with the times one comment made me ponder

The tantri of the Guruvayur temple has made it very clear that he is only following rules, and that it is up to the government to change the law.

I cannot be bitter with the temple board for following the rule or can I?

Cider House Rules!!


3 Responses to “Guruvayoor Temple”

  1. utbtkids Says:

    Let me make my views on relegionvery clear. I believe that God is too big to fit in to on religion.
    Also cleansing a temple just because a non hindu set his foot in to the temple is colossal waste of temple’s resources, money and people’s time.(See, we are all discussing about when, I for instance, could be something productive, like, I don’t know, make some dinner or do my HW 🙂 )

    But at the same time, I realy don’t understand when every time something like this comes up in Hinduism, Hindus get throughly embarassed! They are all like, “Oh, I am ashamed. Thats why I don’t go to these temples”!!!

    I don’t see any christians getting embarassed that people who are not baptised denied communion at a church service.

    More severe and more drastic crims are commited in the name of religion and Hinduism is probably the least restrictive of all the religions.

  2. girishvaithees Says:

    utbkids, you have a point. Guruvayoor is a temple revered by many and I doubt the deity would approve these acts thus my angst. I think the liberal amongst all religions should stand up against fundamentalism in their respective religions.

  3. Says:

    GURUVAYOOR and a hell of problems

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