I had to swat a couple of spiders last night since it appeared quite a few of them were having a world wide web conference at our residence. This ghastly act was witnessed by my twins and they were quite disgusted with their dad. It did not help that my son is a big fan of spiderman and my daughter’s favorite nursery rhyme is itsy bitsy spider. Now how do I explain my deed? 😦


One Response to “spiders”

  1. sundar narayanan Says:

    you could have asked your fellow daddy’s before doing something like this , that too just before daddy’s day!

    We dont kill spiders. we take them in a bounty towel and throw them out in the backyard. same goes for annoying moths (which are mistaken for butterflies by the little ones). since there are no rhymes with moths and there are no mothman comic characters that are portrayed in good light, it would be wise you teach the twins that

    moths ->bad
    butterflies ->good.


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