How do the rich get richer?

If any of you think you can read this post, follow my idea and retire please drop that thought before reading any further. The standard statuatory warning applies “Please do not follow this advise” 🙂

Paris Hilton has defied the adage “You only get lucky once”. She has gotten lucky twice and nailed a jackpot on both occurences. First she was born as the heriess to the Hilton throne, then she made a smart buisness move by driving with a suspended drivers license and promptly heading to jail. What appeared as a silly act was infact a brilliant business move that would even puzzle the likes of Warren Buffet. Meida companies are making a bee line for an audience with Paris. So the next time you see a young blonde woman or a woman known for cooking the best “thanksgiving turkey” makes a silly move peer closer and you’ll see why they did it.


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