Boeing Vs Airbus

There is always debate on which is a better company. The commonality between these two companies ends with the fact that they make aircrafts. Airbus based in Europe has a socialistic upbringing with trade unions and such and Boeing on the other hand is almost 100% capitalistic. One is a complex multi country alliance and the other is a single corporate hegemony. Given the cut-throat market for aircrafts it is always welcome news when arch-rivals applaud the other’s efforts. Here is what the Airbus CEO has to say about the launch of the 787 dreamliner from Boeing

“Even if tomorrow Airbus will get back to the business of competing vigorously, today is Boeing’s day — a day to celebrate the 787. Today is a great day in aviation history. Whenever such a milestone is reached in our industry it is always a reflection of hard work by dedicated people inspired by the wonder of flight.”

True leaders are those who take a moment to recognize the rival and applaud their strengths. I beleive recognizing your opponent is a sign of strength and not weakness.

Here is more the launch of the Dreamliner.


One Response to “Boeing Vs Airbus”

  1. Salil Says:

    Boeing has unions too. Which is why the factories were shut for a while last year during the negotiations. And Boeing gets a ton of money for its military operations from the US govt. So, the differences between the companies are much more blurry.

    Nice Blog btw, keep it up.

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