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valleywag – silicon valley’s own tabloid

June 15, 2007

I was introduced to Valleywag by a friend. He said he has a lot of fun reading it. I decided to take a trip down to the Silicon valley’s own version of the Daily Mirror. Though it made interesting reading it was not in the same league as the fare you find when standing in serpentine lines at the Safeway billing registers. I can see Valleywag flourishing though given the inherent human nature to enjoy mud on other people’s faces.



September 1, 2006

In case you thought I was misspelling the name of one of Srilanka’s most prolific bastman, you are wrong. I am referring to the marriage of ghajini surya and oil in a bucket jyothika. The marriage is on 9/11. I though the date chosen was a little strange and remarked that to my wife. Wife said not many in India would even take note of it. I however had a difference of opinion and felt 9/11 would be recognized world over. Do you think people will even notice that one of the most eagerly awaited wedding is happening on 9/11 or people are more interested in knowing whether jo actually bought her saree in RMKV. Readers let me know what you think?