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When would i not want to be a blogger?

July 2, 2007

I would not want to be a blogger if I were Lauren Turner. For people not familiar with this whole episode this may be an oppurtunity to judge. For starters here is Lauren’s first post . This was followed up with her next post. With just these two pieces of information let me know what you think. I will post my thoughts and cover the bigger picture in a bit.


it’s a selfish world after all.

June 29, 2007

Just realized something that the world is increasingly becoming a selfish place. Look at some of the hot companies and products out in the market. “i”-phone, “my”-space, “i”-pod, “i”-tunes etc. So it is no wonder kids end up fighting with each other for everything and not understand what it means to share. Maybe kids will stop fighting when we have products such as “our”-phone or “our”-space. Steve Jobs you need to consider this and maybe give “me” the “our””i”-phone 🙂

Save the Environment by hitting the treadmill

June 29, 2007

Pretty interesting thought right? I am not proposing a new device that can convert the kinetic energy to electrical energy to glow light bulbs. Apparently a study from the University of Illinois has concluded that obesity is a big factor is the consumption of gasoline. Upto 2.2 billion dollars worth of gasoline could have been conserved had people watched their waist line. So now you know why southwest serves only peanuts and diet coke 🙂

How do the rich get richer?

June 23, 2007

If any of you think you can read this post, follow my idea and retire please drop that thought before reading any further. The standard statuatory warning applies “Please do not follow this advise” 🙂

Paris Hilton has defied the adage “You only get lucky once”. She has gotten lucky twice and nailed a jackpot on both occurences. First she was born as the heriess to the Hilton throne, then she made a smart buisness move by driving with a suspended drivers license and promptly heading to jail. What appeared as a silly act was infact a brilliant business move that would even puzzle the likes of Warren Buffet. Meida companies are making a bee line for an audience with Paris. So the next time you see a young blonde woman or a woman known for cooking the best “thanksgiving turkey” makes a silly move peer closer and you’ll see why they did it.


June 15, 2007

I had to swat a couple of spiders last night since it appeared quite a few of them were having a world wide web conference at our residence. This ghastly act was witnessed by my twins and they were quite disgusted with their dad. It did not help that my son is a big fan of spiderman and my daughter’s favorite nursery rhyme is itsy bitsy spider. Now how do I explain my deed? 😦

Dentist Visits

June 6, 2007

I decided to bite the bullet and go to the dentist. This is absolutely something I do not reslish. I suspect no one really enjoys a trip to toothland given the awesome music, the painful cleaning and the standard dental class about flossing and whatever goes after that. In any case, this post is not about the mundane visit since everyone has the exact same experience since all dentists were created the same.

One thing that struck me while i was in the semi reclined posture was a poster starting at me. It said ” WARNING!”

Gum disease may cause carido vascular disease

Gum disease may cause birth defects among kids

Gum disease may cause ulcers etc

There were a host of others which I could not memorize since the drilling has started by then. In any case what was surprising was the “may cause” part. Does that mean gum disase “may not” also cause cardio vascular disease. Why bother mentioning the it if the studies connecting the diseases were inconclusive. In any case the poster accomplished its mission of scaring me.

Guruvayoor Ablution after Minister’s visit

June 4, 2007

 Union Minister Vayalar Ravi and his family’s visit to Guruvayoor was followed by the purification of the temple. This act by the temple makes me wonder which era I live in. You would think people in this day and age would recognize that God was not the right of a few but alas! Hinduism is known to be a tolerant religion and I hope it remains that way. I truly hope the Guruvayoor temple board does not bring the temple to disrepute on account of such ill conceived judgements.

Kids it’s freedom at last.

September 29, 2006

It’s about time and I am very glad this is final

mumbai world’s rudest city

June 24, 2006

Mumbai has gotten the infamous award for being the world's rudest city. New york ranked in the politest. I think this is extremely strage since having visited both these cities I found this ranking totally bogus. In the first place I find such rankings totally bogus. How does one have a barometer on such things. It appears that such rankings are mainly to create headlines and invoke the curiosity of readers without really serving much purpose. Amazing that a respected magazine like Reader's Digest is stooping to such gimmicks.

My 2 paisa blog intro

May 30, 2006

Ok finally have gotten into the wordpress bandwagon. This is primarily because of some indirect instigation from some of my friends. Hopefully it will all be worth it. My 2 paisa blog is an attempt to document interesting things I see, read, write and feel. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.