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Take That Clooney! Take that Pitt!

June 20, 2007

Sivaji beat out Ocean’s 13 in UK’s top 10 movie rankings. While Pitt and Clooney may be surprised I am not 🙂


Sivaji and Iphone

June 9, 2007

June is going to be a busy month and the only thing that can beat out the iphone in hype is sivaji. It is only fitting that our superstar deserves his own mashup. So without further ado, I present  Superstar’s Sivaji

Makkale, neenga ellarum itha oru tharava partha nooru tharava partha mathiri, so don’t be surprised if this single post makes my blog rating soar in wordpress 🙂

Sivaji trailer stats on youtube

May 31, 2007

Rajinikanth’s popularity can be gauged by the number of sivaji clips that popped up on idiot box 2.0 a.k.a youtube as soon as the first trailer was telecast on CNN IBN. At last count there were 127 clips for the tags “sivaji trailer”. If there is something more popular than youtube it is almost certain it would have something to do with the superstar

Chitiram Pesuthadi

June 30, 2006

This movie was declared a flop the first time it was released. Tamil movie producer Oscar Ravichandran saw the movie and was stunned that such a brilliantly made movie was declared a flop decided to re-release the movie. So I had high expectations before seeing this movie. I was definitely not let down in fact this movie exceeded my high expectations. The plot of the story was nothing radically new but the way this movie was taken was breathtakingly fresh. The performance director Myskin extracted out of Naren the hero and Bhavna the heroine was excellent. This movie should be a lesson to all the Tamil film-makers that a movie does not need to have a huge budget or have a superstar to make it a success. A fresh creative storyline enacted by a talented set of actors is what is needed and Chitram Pesuthadi more than delivered on this front. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5. Check it out if you already have’nt.

Rang de basanti

May 31, 2006

I know this must be pretty late for a review of a movie that hit the screens a long time back but a lot of people with kids will sympathize with this and hopefull still read this 🙂 The movie was standard fare and did not impress me that much. I have seen a similar movie call 4thepeople a mallu movie dubbed in tamil which had a very similar theme so this was not something that was new to me. Overall kudos to Aaamir Khan for having shared the screen with a number of newbies. Siddharth's performance deserves special mention. A decent watch on DVD.