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The Great Firewall

June 21, 2007

Does China really think they can contain the spread of the information virus? Supressing the internet is not an easy task but this is exactly what the Chinese goverment has been doing. The CNET article illustrates the the disillusionment of the population. I have also heard a few other points of view.

1. A lot of hooplah is being made about the chinese firewall in the west. People in China are more focussed on cashing in on the economic rise.

2. The discontentment when it comes to not being able to access sites like flickr are those from the urban middle class, a section very unlikely to take to the streets.

Either way it appears the Chinese Goverment has a sizeable problem in its hands. With economic independence (monetary independence) on the uptick, freedome of expression and speech are bound to come knocking.


Guruvayoor Temple

June 13, 2007

I had written an article going ballistic against the guruvayoor temple’s policies to prevent non-hindus from entering the temple. It is only fair that I present the temple’s case. A 1936 law prohibits any non-hindu from entering the temple and in case your religious orientation is in doubt all you have to do is to get a piece of paper certifying your religious credentials from an Arya Samaj. While all of this seems a little out of tune with the times one comment made me ponder

The tantri of the Guruvayur temple has made it very clear that he is only following rules, and that it is up to the government to change the law.

I cannot be bitter with the temple board for following the rule or can I?

Cider House Rules!!

Karan Thapar’s Hard Talk with Kasuri

July 23, 2006

Check out the interview of the Pakistan foreign minister with Karan Thapar. Hard to discern the message since they both talk at the same time. Wish I could get the whole video some place.

Magic 27%

June 10, 2006

P.Chidambaram has said that they are still trying to figure out how they came with the magic number of 27% for reservation of seats for the OBC's. They are doctoring all the material required to arrive at the magic figure of 27%

A + B = 27%

All they have to do is plug in A and B to add up to 27% which should not be very hard for a Harvard educated person or for someone who had made crores in the Tendu leaf scam.

Mr.Arjun Singh Are you listening?

June 8, 2006

 A very powerful quote from an OBC who went to IIT.

"I worked very hard and got through IIT-JEE 2000, ultimately obtaining admission to the B-Tech programme in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. Initially, I was apprehensive about facing the same discrimination here as well. But I was surprised when no one asked me my caste. Nobody really cared which caste, creed or religion one belonged to. For the first time in my life, I felt a sense of equality."

Mr.Arjun Singh please do not pollute our meritorious institutions which have been hallmarks of equality.

Is India a thriving democracy?

June 5, 2006

One of the fundamental tenets of Indian democracy is the Freedom of Speech. Aamir Khan exposed the very fragile nature of our democracy by speaking his mind. It is however heartening that the Judicial system still seems to have a pulse and all is not lost.

A beautiful prison!

May 31, 2006

Kevin Sites is in Kashmir covering the political conflict there. The interview with the Professor of Political Science in Kashmir University seems to reflect the overall mood of the entire population right from the common man to the academic elite. People in general seem to be very disillusioned with the total lack of progress. The militants and the State are playing a tug of war with the kashmiri's being used as the rope.