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Explore your blog.

July 3, 2007

You have metrics to indicate how many readers visit your blog, but have you wondered which sites link to your blog and how many such links to your blogs exist. The growth of a blogger is typically indicated by the number of “inlinks”. It’s almost like “quoting” someone in blogspeak. So here is how many times one of my favorite bloggers “bb” has been inlinked. You should be able to do the same for any url. There are a number of other nifty features in site explorer. Enjoy site exploring!


i-car from Apple.

June 18, 2007

Techcrunch is reporting that Apple has tied up with Mercedes benz to design  the in-car maintenance, communication and navigation system. Apple shedding it’s original name from Apple Computer Inc to Apple Inc all seem to be part of a bigger ploy. Forget cruise control, you won’t need to control anything other than possibly where you need to go. Well, coming to think of it Apple probably even has that figured out :). With all these moves Apple is definitely is on track to turn science fiction into reality.

Google in 2084

June 11, 2007

There is a lot of hooplah about privacy and what google does with all the data it collects. A picture is worth a thousand words. On an aside my mind started wandering a bit and wondered what would be the results for

a. Bush when “Your Brain” was checked

b. Clinton when “Phone Records” was checked

No prizes for guessing either of them.

Apple iphone (Not an ipod)

June 5, 2007

Apple ads always ooze with a mysterious charm. The latest iphone ad is no exception. Few companies have the might to turn around industries and apple is one among them. With layoffs from companies such as Nortel the iphone announcement is a blessign for the ailing telco sector. The ad shows seems to indicate that all the hype may be for real

Intel’s baaack

October 18, 2006

In one of my earlier posts I had predicted how Intel will regain market share it had lost to AMD by virtue of it’s sheer focus on it’s core competence namely process and processors. Looks like that laser sharp focus is reaping dividends as evinced in it’s recent market share gains over AMD. AMD now has to leapfrog again and this time around intel may not get distracted. Intel also needs to counter AMD’s acquisition of ATI in some form. This is going to be one interesting tussle. Either way customers are going to win and my wish is for a strong AMD to keep Intel from monopolizing the chip market.

what’s my house worth?

July 20, 2006

Zillow will provide you the answer. Though I am not sure if they have a way to get information on what upgrades have gone into the house. May be with time the sophisticated map technology will soon be able to pry inside your house and get that data as well. Next upgade of Zillow could very well be to zoom in on an individual’s nett worth.

EMC to buy RSA security

June 30, 2006

EMC is to buy RSA security. The trend of storage vendors buying security companies was started by the Veritas Symantec union. It seems to make a lot of sense given that Information Security and Data management have become part of a unified solution that storage vendors have to provide. EMC with documentum and RSA Security would be able to provide a wholesome information management solution to customers.

Gaming Consoles Xbox, Playstation and the like.

June 28, 2006

Something seems fundamentally wrong about the way gaming consoles are being developed. There are 3 big players in this market Xbox, Sony and Sega. Now what I don’t understand is why are any of the video games developed not interoperable. Agreed gaming requires speed so low level code has to be written to make them fast, but there is still something fundamental missing in this picture. After all these are gaming consoles (hardware) and should be capable of playing any video game (software). I think the consumers are being taken for a ride and this is no fun.

New way to look at News with Digg

June 27, 2006

Digg is going to be one hot company to watch given the buzz with Web 2.0. The way digg presents news is going to change the way we look at news. Communities and not editors dictate what is hot and what is not. This is going to be a big paradigm shift and a lot of the traditional publishers would need to change the way they look at news.

Web 2.0 defined

June 26, 2006

A lot of people are still trying to understand the essence of Web2.0. I found this definition by John Seely the former Chief Scientist at Xerox PARC very helpful.

Web 2.0 generally refers to Web services that let people collaborate and share information online. In contrast to the first generation of Web offerings, Web 2.0 applications are more interactive, giving people an experience more akin to a native desktop application as opposed to a static Web page.

Here are some examples from a couple of domains

Brittanica Encyclopedia online was Web 1.0, Wikipedia is Web 2.0

Evite was Web 1.0 and is Web 2.0

Ofoto was Web 1.0 and Flickr is Web 2.0