Grass is greener on the other side.

June 26, 2007

So there have been a number of theories circulating as to why hordes of techies are returning back to India. Popular among them are they get to have an army of servants, wife has a lot of other people to fight with, you can actually get home made food on a daily basis and not on a fortnightly basis etc. On the work front people feel that the work culture is similar to the culture in the US. 

Say Whaaaaat??? The grass must indeed be greener on the other side since there are no elephants to be found here 🙂 


Cricketers back on the ramp.

June 25, 2007

Yes you read it right. No we are not talking about a cricket camp. After a brief hiatus it looks like all our cricketers will be back doing their signature cat walks. The MAd frenzy to rope in the cricketers is back. A series win against a highly fancied Bangladesh opposition seems to have turned the tide in their favor. Does my post stink of cynicism?

How do the rich get richer?

June 23, 2007

If any of you think you can read this post, follow my idea and retire please drop that thought before reading any further. The standard statuatory warning applies “Please do not follow this advise” 🙂

Paris Hilton has defied the adage “You only get lucky once”. She has gotten lucky twice and nailed a jackpot on both occurences. First she was born as the heriess to the Hilton throne, then she made a smart buisness move by driving with a suspended drivers license and promptly heading to jail. What appeared as a silly act was infact a brilliant business move that would even puzzle the likes of Warren Buffet. Meida companies are making a bee line for an audience with Paris. So the next time you see a young blonde woman or a woman known for cooking the best “thanksgiving turkey” makes a silly move peer closer and you’ll see why they did it.

The Great Firewall

June 21, 2007

Does China really think they can contain the spread of the information virus? Supressing the internet is not an easy task but this is exactly what the Chinese goverment has been doing. The CNET article illustrates the the disillusionment of the population. I have also heard a few other points of view.

1. A lot of hooplah is being made about the chinese firewall in the west. People in China are more focussed on cashing in on the economic rise.

2. The discontentment when it comes to not being able to access sites like flickr are those from the urban middle class, a section very unlikely to take to the streets.

Either way it appears the Chinese Goverment has a sizeable problem in its hands. With economic independence (monetary independence) on the uptick, freedome of expression and speech are bound to come knocking.

Google buying Apple???

June 21, 2007

I was surprised to see this headline suggesting Apple could be bought out. Off late Silicon valley has been abuzz with a lot of rumour speculations (YHOO+MYSPACE, YHOO+FACEBOOK, YHOO+MSFT). After all it does not take much to start a rumor. With blogs rumours spread like wild fire. Top bloggers are eager to put up the hot ticket news items however illegitimate they are. After all traffic generation has no moral. Maybe the rumor biz being so hot was why Guy Kawasaki tried to start a digg like rumor site but failed. Now why did he fail? That’s stuff for a separate post.

Take That Clooney! Take that Pitt!

June 20, 2007

Sivaji beat out Ocean’s 13 in UK’s top 10 movie rankings. While Pitt and Clooney may be surprised I am not 🙂

Most frequented web sites in India

June 20, 2007

Ever wondered what the hottest sites in India are? I took a few guesses before doing the research and was frankly surprised by some of the rankings. So here are the top 10 Indian sites by traffic.

1. Yahoo!

2. Orkut (Frankly a surprise given that other than Brazil orkut has not been able to make a dent)

3. Google India

4. Google


6. MSN (Did’nt expect them to figure in the top 10)

7. Youtube

8. (Now I know why there is a high turnover in talent!!)

9. Windows Live


Some of the other interesting ones in the top 20 (,, Times Job & Careers(ok more job hunting folks))

i-car from Apple.

June 18, 2007

Techcrunch is reporting that Apple has tied up with Mercedes benz to design  the in-car maintenance, communication and navigation system. Apple shedding it’s original name from Apple Computer Inc to Apple Inc all seem to be part of a bigger ploy. Forget cruise control, you won’t need to control anything other than possibly where you need to go. Well, coming to think of it Apple probably even has that figured out :). With all these moves Apple is definitely is on track to turn science fiction into reality.


June 15, 2007

I had to swat a couple of spiders last night since it appeared quite a few of them were having a world wide web conference at our residence. This ghastly act was witnessed by my twins and they were quite disgusted with their dad. It did not help that my son is a big fan of spiderman and my daughter’s favorite nursery rhyme is itsy bitsy spider. Now how do I explain my deed? 😦

valleywag – silicon valley’s own tabloid

June 15, 2007

I was introduced to Valleywag by a friend. He said he has a lot of fun reading it. I decided to take a trip down to the Silicon valley’s own version of the Daily Mirror. Though it made interesting reading it was not in the same league as the fare you find when standing in serpentine lines at the Safeway billing registers. I can see Valleywag flourishing though given the inherent human nature to enjoy mud on other people’s faces.